Terms of Service

General information

This document is also known as the “Agreement” needs to be carefully read. Every user must accept and follow these Terms of Use. In other words, it is kind of the Agreement between the user and the https://goreboxgame.com/ website (hereinafter referred to as “we” or “site”) that regulates the rules for using the site and all its materials and services.

All site users are to accept all these terms. Only 16+ users are admitted to the site. Whenever this document refers to “you”, it means the individual that uses the website.

Take into account that the Agreement comes with an arbitration provision. You will find all the details in the section 11. In case of disputes between the site and the user, the provision uses the arbitration rather than other forms of legal proceedings. Make sure to read this part of the Agreement with extra care to know all the details.


This document can undergo amendments. But we inform our users of all changes. On the site, you will always find the latest version of Terms of Service. These amendments do not affect misunderstandings between the user and the site that arose before the date the amendments were made and the user was notified of them.

If you keep using the site after the changes to Terms of Service, you automatically agree with a new version of the Agreement. The date of the latest amendments is always specified in the document.

The site remains under our control and we can change it to our liking. We can experiment with content and modify the policy, allowing to access the site and its services. The intention is to make it free for the foreseeable future. Besides, the site periodically offers different opportunities to particular users or all of them without any liability.

What date do you share?

All the information that the site asks the user to submit is detailed in the https://goreboxgame.com/ website Privacy Policy. You can get acquainted with this document following this link (https://goreboxgame.com/privacy-policy/). When you access our site, it is compulsory to accept all the conditions specified in the Privacy Policy document.

It is obligatory to provide true and complete information to the site. Besides, you commit that you will add all the changes to it when needed. If you happen to find discrepancies between this document and Privacy Policy, you should treat Privacy Policy as a primary document.

Legal details

The https://goreboxgame.com/ website operates in the European Economic Area. It is controlled within this area too, thus, is not subject to any laws or restrictions beyond this territory. It is vital to mention that the site is not accessible from all locations due to their jurisdiction limitations. When you use the site, you are fully responsible to comply with all functioning laws and regulations of your location.

It is our right to decide on the list of geographical locations we provide access to. We can amend or prohibit partial or full access to the site to different areas.

Critical rules

We have a list of rules each user must follow when using our site:

  • It is strongly prohibited to provide any content to the site that could pose a threat and trigger other malicious activities against the rights and integrity of others. All types of content that may be considered offensive is prohibited. Besides, our content protected by copyright cannot be used by you on the site without official permission.
  • You are not allowed to promote any commercial activity the site that lacks authorization from the https://goreboxgame.com/ website.
  • Gathering info about site users is only allowed as specified in the Privacy Policy.
  • You are strictly prohibited to try to disrupt site’s performance. It includes activities such as hacking, defacement of any site components, or compromising site’s regulations, procedures, or policies.
  • You are not permitted to replicate, alter, adjust, translate, rewrite, sell, rent, lease, loan, engage in timesharing, distribute, or use any section of the site unless you obtain our explicit prior written consent.
  • Reverse engineering, decompilation, or disassembly of any portion of the site is strictly prohibited.
  • You are not allowed to violate copyright, trademark, or other proprietary rights of the site.
  • You are not authorized to integrate any part of the site into outer services unless you have obtained our full approval.
  • Site’s content cannot be copied.
  • Spider applications or similar software aimed at collecting information at our site is prohibited.


The site retains the right to check and change Submissions once they appear on the site. The site also can monitor the user’s activity.

We have right to disclose the details of user behavior on the site to third parties without prejudice to Privacy Policy.

Links from third parties

It is not a rare case that you may encounter links from other sources on our site. This refers to materials from third parties – advertisements, services and promotions. These parties use iFrames techniques to share these materials with the help of links. This way, users are redirected to the promotional materials on third party sites.

Unfortunately, we hold no responsibility for these materials that you access through these links. We do not control their accuracy, reliability and safety. You must be prepared that some of these materials may turn out not to be useful or even misleading. Terms of Service do not spread over materials from third parties, including cookies and various web beacons. We only retain the right to block or disable cookies that are found to switch users to inappropriate content. You should also understand that the availability of third party links does not mean we encourage you to interact with providers of these links and materials.

Remember that you use all information and materials from third parties at your own risk. Whatever terms are offered in these materials – they are in the competence of their providers.

Warranty disclaimer

According to the existing law, we warn the users: (A) All the site content and third party materials are provided on as is basis. We do not provide and warranties. (B) the https://goreboxgame.com/ website disclaims whatever warranties for the site or any third-party materials.

It is our priority to provide the best user experience to all our users but we cannot guarantee its flawless functioning. We support the site continuously, trying to provide you with uninterrupted access. However, you may still encounter errors, imperfections and even materials that do not fully match this agreement. If you happen to struggle with such situations, make sure to get in touch with us, using one of the channels from contact details.


We support parental control initiatives. This involves blocking or restricting access to everything that can bring harm to little users. Many providers offer this type of protection – you can find out details at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_content-control_software_and_providers. At the https://goreboxgame.com/ website we do not endorse this harmful content either.

How to contact us?

If you need additional information or have some concerns – you can always complete our contact form on the site.

Copyright violations

In case you have discovered that some materials on our site violate copyright laws, you may immediately send us a claim in a writing form. If your complaint is not groundless, we will immediately remove the materials that infringe copyright laws.

Additional information

You should not consider this Agreement as a way to form any kind of partnership or collaborations between you and the https://goreboxgame.com/website. If you still find part of the Agreement unclear or unlawful and it is removed from the document, the rest of the Agreement still remains obligatory to follow by all users. You have no right to transfer or sublicense any of your responsibilities and obligations under this Agreement to others. But at this time, we reserve the right to decide on assigning or transferring our rights with no limitations.

This document with all its content makes the full agreement between the https://goreboxgame.com/ website and its users. It nullifies any previous agreements, be it in a verbal or written form. In case of changes to the Agreement, you are to be notified of a new version via email or regular mail, or a new version of the Agreement will be posted on the site. The printed version of this Agreement has enough value to be submitted to legal proceedings as other business documents and records.

The https://goreboxgame.com/ website is not to be found liable when some obligations could not be fulfilled due to reasons beyond our control.

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